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Headed by the Founding Chairman and Chief Tax Advisor Mon Abrea, our team of tax consultants helps businesses settle their BIR tax audits without any unnecessary compromises. We ensure to close your tax cases and represent you before the BIR. You can also get potential tax savings as we provide analyses of your business’s actual tax exposure, and provide strategic tax advice on how to deal with the audit effectively and efficiently.


Tax Compliance ReviewAnnual Tax ReviewExecutive Tax Management Program
Under the Tax Compliance Review, ACG performs a close study of your company’s tax profile and adopts a proactive approach to guide you on proper tax compliance.

Our team reviews all the documents and information related to your company’s tax requirements so that your business can avoid unnecessary penalties and tax exposure.
The Annual Tax Review is a preventive measure in anticipation of potential audits during vulnerable tax years. Here, ACG conducts a comprehensive review of your tax requirements and assesses possible tax exposures. 

Through the Annual Tax Review, we help you fix your tax issues even before the beginning of a BIR audit.
The Executive Tax Management Program helps CEOs and business owners on how to properly plan and prepare for a BIR audit. Under the Program, ACG provides a series of executive sit-down sessions tailor-fit for each company on how to deal with the BIR audit.


ACG provides strategic advice for any tax-related issues or concerns, be they simple or complex.  We offer consultations for individuals and corporations alike when it comes to managing tax compliance requirements. 

Our expertise involves a wide range of tax areas based on Philippine Tax Law such as: 

  • Estate Tax Planning and Settlement
  • Tax Due Diligence for computation of potential tax liabilities in view of sale of assets or shares
  • Settlement of Capital Gains Tax on sale of properties
  • Business (individuals and corporations) Registration, Closure and Trainings

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