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Are you worried about your taxes? On whether you are still on time to do that? Or, moreover, do you still manage to pay them right?

Worry not, Asian Consulting Group is offering its e-consultation program as part of its 10th-anniversary celebration called MET — or Make Everything Tax-easy! In this program, ACG’s senior tax advisor Romarie Lucero, and Tax Supervisor, Lalaine Arroyo, lead the way to a more straightforward tax life by further navigating their concerns and discovering how our tax hub could be of excellent service to them.

Availing of our free e-consult may benefit you or your business so that you know what are your possible ways or steps towards better tax compliance, which also helps you manage your finances better, spares you from any hint of trouble with the BIR, and lets you focus on other matters en route to a hassle-free lifestyle. 

Want to avail of our free e-consult but not sure how to start? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and get informed about why you should attend MET: Make Everything Tax-easy!

Have we MET? Not yet? Hurry now because slots are limited because Make Everything Tax-Easy takes place until September 30 via Google Meet. Save your slot by scanning the QR code:

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